Blog reboot and changes

A new blogpost! Maybe you do not remember, but you subscribed to my blog. Don’t worry, it is totally possible you do not remember, because my last post was almost 2 years ago. I was hoping to be able to blog while I was traveling, but it turned out I was to busy with discovering the world (for more info see http://eriksteinebach.nl to do so. Now that I settled back down in Lima (Peru) for the time being, I want to reboot this blog. This means there will be new blogpost, a new design and that means a new blog system.

The new content will be a bit more broad then before. Until now I focused on DevOps, but I am originally a .NET developer and I am going back to my roots (or I will preferably do both). So expect more technical content as well on this blog. One of the first things I will post soon is about handling Time when deploying to Azure. It will always be bigger picture stuff.

For those who are following me via RSS, the URL will change. The new RSS url will be http://eriksteinebach.com/rss2.xml, but because this one is not yet available you can subscribe now to: http://eriksteinebach.github.io/rss2.xml. This one will be active even after I change eriksteinebach.com to the new blog. So if you want a preview of the new blog, you can look at http://eriksteinebach.github.io/, but it is still in development.

As I am working as a freelancer, and bills have to be paid so I am always looking for new clients. If you are interested in working with me, please contact me to discus it further.